When it comes to setting up a sales department, we understand the importance of having a solid foundation and effective processes in place. Our team of experts works closely with you to design the structure, roles, and responsibilities of your sales department. We help establish clear sales strategies, define target markets, and develop sales processes and workflows that align with your business goals.

In addition to department setup, we provide tailored sales trainings to enhance the skills and capabilities of your sales team. Our trainings cover a wide range of topics, including sales techniques, customer relationship management, negotiation skills, objection handling, and sales analytics. We customize our trainings to address the specific needs and challenges of your sales team, ensuring practical and actionable learning outcomes.

Together, we can enhance your organization's sales effectiveness, increase market share, and achieve sustainable business growth.


No.1 Diagnostics of the sales department on 101 points of growth (Specific plan for sales growth)

No.2 Development of sales standards (1 pc)

No.3 Development of regulations (1 pc)

No.4 Development of checklists (1 pc)

No.5 Development of a seller certification program (1 pc)

No.6 Sellers certification (1 day)

No.7 Sales training (1 day)

No.8 Training of the ROP-head of the sales department (1 day)

No.9 Project support and development of an action plan for the commercial director (CRO) (1 day)